Sunshine’s Song of the Month (Valentines!)

With Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow of course I had to choose love songs! But don’t worry, I know there are plenty of you out there who roll your eyes at the gushy holiday and I didn’t forget about you. I’ve got a couple love songs for you love birds out as well as some anti-love songs for those of you who feel like gagging at the sappiness of it all.

First up, one of my recent favorites: This isn’t your traditional love ballad where the singer pours his or her heart and soul into warbling lyrics but rather this song is somewhat melancholy and haunting. Nonetheless, the singer confesses that this feeling of being “made of gold” can be mistaken for nothing else but…love. Chet Faker’s “Gold” is not only an alluring love song, but also has an awesome music video to accompany it!

Next up, this talented group of gals croon about being left with persistent sadness after love lost. But they do it so beautifully I found I couldn’t help but listen over and over again! Chic Gamine is a group I really don’t know much about, but I know that I love this song! Click here to listen to “Motions” on their website as well as many of their other songs. I also love this video of them performing the same song in their van. Somehow, the intimicy of this video gives the song a little more depth, I feel. The song starts about a minute into the video:

The next song is unique because it tells a love song from the point of view of a sweet little honey bee. Zee Avi is a Malaysian singer/songwriter who enjoyed such overwhelming success on Youtube she was launched into a career as a professional performer. She has an amazing life story which you can read more abouthere, but without further ado, here is her love song:

Happy Valentine’s Day from Katie Sunshine Hoops!