My Hula Hoop Costume Contest last Halloween was such a success I’m excited to announce it again this year! I loved seeing the creativity in all the costumes and I have a brand new polypro hoop design to give away.

This year I’m giving away my new pumpkin spice polypro hoop to the person who designs and wears the best Halloween costume involving a hula hoop or hula hoops. The hoop I’m giving away is a fully taped 3/4″ polypro measuring 31″ in diameter. This hoop features bright orange hologlitter tape paired with spicey brown and black grip tapes for a hoop that is perfect for that hoopable fall weather. This hoop is push-button collapsible so you may take this hoop anywhere your heart desires.

pumpkin spice

Here’s how to enter:

1) “Like” my facebook page here and follow me on Instagram @katiesunshine14

2) Share this blog post on social media OR share this facebook photo or social media between now and October 31st, 2015.

3) Post a photo of your hoopy Halloween costume in the comments section of this blog, or on my Facebook page, or tag me on instagram @katiesunshine14 by midnight November 1st, 2015. You may also send your photos to

Costumes will be judged by the following criteria:

  • Creativity of the costume idea. Think outside of the box! This will score you extra points.

  • Level of “homemade-ness.” Costumes with homemade or handcrafted elements will be scored higher than store bought costumes.

  • How well the hoop “prop” fits with the costume. For example, a standard costume with a hoop simply added, let’s say a hula-hooping nurse costume, will be scored lower than a costume in which the hoop is an integral part, such as a Saturn costume where the hula hoops are the rings (you can still use that idea if you want, by the way).

The hula hoop(s) may be incorporated as a structural quality in a costume and don’t neccessarily have to be visible or removable. However, if the hoop isn’t obvious, please add a note as to where the hoop is incorporated.

To see last years winner as well as the rest of the entries click here.

**I’m also excited to introduce and 1st runner up and 2nd runner up prizes this year. 1st runner up will be given a 50% coupon for and the 2nd runner up will be awarded a 30% off coupon for**

This contest is open to any age. All may participate! Have a Hoopy Halloween!

If you’re totally drawing a blank, I found a few ideas and I’ve added them to my Pinterest board.