Sunshine’s Song of the Month

For my second ever entry for Sunshine’s Song of the Month, I felt it only appropriate to introduce some holiday songs. As always, I strive to introduce you, my readers, to newly released music, or artists you may or may not have heard of. This month, I want to introduce two artists that I’m sure you’ve heard of, but have new holiday albums. The first is one of my favorite bands to hoop to: Earth, Wind & Fire. If you can believe it, they have released a new holiday album this year and my favorite track is one based off their 1978 hit “September.” However, the track has been changed to “December.” I love it. With the opening lyrics like “Do you remember, the 25th night of December?” it’s festive, funky, and sure to put a little groove in your step while you’re doing your holiday hobbies.
Listen to the track here.

For my second song, this was one that came as quite a pleasant surprise to me. If you’re familiar with the adult animated comedy “Family Guy” then you already know creator Seth McFarlane does his share of singing in the show. But did you know he’s released a complete holiday album? “Holiday for Swing” was, for me, quite a surprise. I was honestly expecting a parody album, something inappropriate, offensive and vulgar (and hilarious) like all the songs I’ve ever heard Seth McFarlane sing before on the show. But I was a little stunned, quite honestly, that the crooning funny man seemed to take this very seriously…and that it sounded really good! Most of tracks have the same big band accompaniment that’s so familiar on the show and I found myself visualizing the Griffin’s animated house in my mind, but I also found myself really liking it. My favorite track is one of my favorite holiday songs…“Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” a duet Seth sings with the amazing class-act, Sara Bareilles. Listen for yourself and let me know what you think!