How do I know which size hoop to buy?

Choosing the right size hoop can be a little overwhelming at first. Generally, larger, heavier hoops are better for beginner adult hoopers while smaller, lighter hoops are preferable to intermediate to advanced hoopers. For a more detailed description of hoop sizes, click here.

How long does shipping take?

Katie Sunshine Hoops, LLC is located in Central Arkansas. Shipping can take anywhere from 2-7 business days depending on your proximity to Arkansas.

How long before my hoop is ready to ship?

All hoops, with the exception of the ready-to-ship sale hoops, are made to order. Hoops take anywhere from 1-3 days to make. For rush order inquiries, contact Katie here before placing your order.

Do you make LED hoops?

No, but there are many other hoop companies that do! I recommend www.superhooper.org or www.moodhoops.com for standard LED hoops and www.spin-fx.com for smarthoops. Use code “sunshine” at checkout to save some money and let them know Katie Sunshine sent ya!

Do I have to pay shipping if I am a local customer?

No. At checkout, choose the shipping option that says “local pickup” and then contact me to schedule a time to pick up your hoop.

Does Katie Sunshine Hoops, LLC ship internationally?

Yes, international shipping charges will apply.

I have a hoop design in mind, but I don’t see it anywhere on the website. Can I get a custom made hoop?

Yes, for custom hoop orders contact Katie here.

What’s the different between PE, HDPE, and Polypro tubing?

3/4″ PE (heavy)- Very durable, heavy tubing used for weighted workout hoops.

3/4″ PE- Durable, heavy tubing that is lighter weight than the heavy tubing.

1/2″ PE- Medium weight, durable tubing great for intermediate hoopers.

3/4″ HDPE- Lightweight, durable tubing available in a variety of colors.

5/8″ HDPE- Extremely lightweight, durable tubing available in a variety of colors.

3/4″ Polypro- Very lightweight tubing great for off-body moves. Polypro tubing may be brittle or fragile in cold weather conditions.

5/8″ Polypro- Extremely lightweight tubing.

For more details about each hoop, visit my blog post here.

I got my hoop in the mail but it is warped. What do I do?

Warping is perfectly normal when you first open your hoop. For hoops that are push-button collapsible, allow your hoop to “rest” out of the box overnight before snapping it together. This will allow your hoop to unfurl naturally and prevent warping. For hoops that are infinity collapsible, continue twisting the hoop from each connector until warping smooths out as much as possible. Sometimes, leaving your hoop lying on a flat surface, such as under the bed or on a table, can smooth out warping. Finally, the centrifugal force of hula hooping can help smooth out minor warps.

I’m not happy with my hoop, can I return it?

Because all hoops are made to order, returns will only be processed in the event of creator error. However, exchanges may be made if original product is returned to Katie Sunshine Hoops, LLC. If you receive an order and you are not satisfied with the quality, contact Katie here.

I’ve been hooping for a long time with a large hoop and I think I’m ready for a smaller one but I don’t want to go too small. Do you have hoops that are good for intermediate hoopers?

Yes. 1/2″ PE tubing is much lighter than 3/4″ PE beginner hoops, but heavier than polypro and HDPE. It’s the perfect hoop for both on and off-body tricks. It’s also great for kids because it’s lighter thank 3/4″ PE but much more durable than HPDE or Polypro.

Can you downsize my current hoop?

Yes, if you pay the shipping fees, or schedule a drop-off, Katie will downsize any Katie Sunshine Hoop for free. Hoops purchased on other sites can be downsized for a $10 fee. *Not applicable for LED hoops.

My tape is peeling off my current hoop. Do you re-tape hoops?

Yes, contact me with your concerns.

I want to come watch you perform in person. Where do you post your events?

I advertise all my upcoming performances on my facebook page as well as on my Instagram account. You may also check out my event page for upcoming workshops and performances

Still have questions? Contact Katie here with any additional questions.